In chemical industry we are constantly developing in use of new  resistant materials, to provide excellent factory works – results :

  • We supply tanks from ( GRP, PP , PE, PVDF  ) for storage of chemical , from size volumen 1.000 up to 100.000 L.
  • Based on clients needs we can produce big size diameter tanks on site up to:  800.000 L
  • We supply and install pipes, fittings, tanks, form several materials : GRP PP, PEHD in PVDF.
  • Walking constructions from polyester materials.
  • Protection of concrete surface, tanks, with PP, PE – HD film, plates
    • We have skills and references in works with new materials wich are chemichaly and temperature resistant : FEP – PFA (Fluoropolymer )
    • Works in process of electrolyte
    • chimney – reactors  made from FEP (Fluoropolymer )